Welcome to Chandana Royal Resorts , Munnar , India

Chandana Royal Resorts

This Chandana Royal Resort here is the surprisingly economic and the highly executive property of all four of our Chandana Properties. Chandana Properties is committed to providing the highest level of service and travel cost-management to every vacation traveller. Quality, cost efficient and reliable service is the key to satisfaction. As a full service Hoteliers we are able to provide great savings on resort, and travel savings. We are excited to win your valuable time for holidays amidst the business strain you endure, and appreciate you choosing the #1 discount accomodation resource.

We are excited and confident that this vacation is everything that we have promised it will be. We have continued to exceed our clients expectations with the service we provide them. We will continue to exceed their expectations with some of the best vacations available with such confidence, security and protection which are of utmost importance to us. This is our written guarantee to you.


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